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Related post: Abu Ghraib resulted in part from ordinary social processes, not just extraordinary individual evil. Meta-analyses suggests that the right (or wrong) social context can make almost anyone aggress, oppress, conform, and obey. 3) Virtually anyone can be aggressive if sufficiently provoked, stressed, disgruntled, or hot [3-5]. The situation of the 800th Military Police Brigade guarding Abu Ghraib prisoners fit all the social conditions known to cause aggression. The soldiers were certainly provoked and stressed: at war, in Purchase Pyridostigmine Bromide constant danger, taunted and harassed by some of the very citizens they were sent to save, and their comrades were Order Pyridostigmine Bromide dying daily and unpredictably. Their morale suffered, they were untrained for Buy Pyridostigmine Bromide the job, their command climate was lax, their Order Pyridostigmine Bromide Online return home was a year overdue, their identity as disciplined soldiers was gone, and their own amenities were scant. Heat and discomfort also doubtless contributed. 4) The fact that the prisoners were part of a group encountered as enemies would only exaggerate the tendency to feel spontaneous prejudice against outgroups. In this context, oppression and discrimination are synonymous. One of the most basic principles of social psychology is that people prefer their own group and attribute bad behavior to outgroups. Prejudice especially festers if people see the outgroup as threatening cherished values. This would have certainly applied to the guards viewing their prisoners at Abu Ghraib, but it also applies in more Pyridostigmine Bromide Tablets "normal" situations. A recent sample of US citizens on average viewed Muslims and Arabs as not sharing their interests and stereotyped them as not especially sincere, honest, friendly, or warm. 5) Even more potent predictors of discrimination are the emotional prejudices ("hot" affective feelings such as disgust or contempt) that operate in parallel with cognitive processes. Such emotional reactions appear rapidly, even in neuroimaging of brain activations to outgroups. But even they can be affected by social context. Categorization of people as interchangeable members of an outgroup promotes an amygdala response characteristic of vigilance and alarm and an insula response characteristic of disgust or arousal, depending on social context; these effects dissipate when the same people are encountered as unique individuals. References (abridged): 1. S. T. Fiske, Social Beings (Wiley, New York, 2004) 2. F. D. Richard, C. F. Bond, J. J. Stokes-Zoota, Rev. Gen. Psychol. 7, 331 (2003) 3. B. A. Bettencourt, N. Miller, Psychol. Bull. 119, 422 (1996) 4. M. Carlson, N. Miller, Sociol. Soc. Res. 72, 155 (1988) 5. M. Carlson, A. Buy Pyridostigmine Bromide Online Marcus-Newhall, N. Miller, Pers. Soc. Psychol. Bull. 15, 377 (1989) Science http://www.sciencemag.org -------------------------------- Related Material: MEDICAL BIOLOGY: ON SURVIVING TORTURE The following points are made by Richard F. Mollica (New Engl. J. Med. 2004 351:5): 1) Purchase Pyridostigmine Bromide Online The shocking, unfiltered images from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq have focused the world's attention on the plight of torture survivors. Physicians Buy Cheap Pyridostigmine Bromide in the US are confronted as never before with the need to identify and treat the physical and psychological sequelae of extreme violence and torture. Yet this is not a new role for medical practitioners. More than 45 countries are currently suffering from the destruction caused by mass violence.(1) The 20th century has been called the "refugee century", with tens of millions of people violently displaced from their homes. Millions of these people have resettled in the US, and refugees, asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants now commonly enter our health care institutions.(2) 2) Despite routine exposure to the suffering of victims of human brutality, health care professionals tend to shy away from confronting this reality. The author states that he and his colleagues have cared for more than 10,000 torture survivors, and in their experience, whether in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, East Timor, or the US, clinicians avoid addressing torture-related symptoms of illness because they are afraid of opening a Pandora's box: they believe they will not have the tools or the time to help torture survivors once they have elicited their history. 3) Unfortunately, survivors and clinicians may conspire to create a relationship founded on the avoidance of all discussion of trauma. In one instance, a middle-aged Cambodian woman had had an excellent relationship with her American doctor for nine years, but he had no
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